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A lot has happened at Lawrence, my undergrad alma mater, since I graduated in 2004. The composition department seems to have grown a great deal, and they recently started up a handsome-looking blog of goings-on, the Lawrence Composition Blog. Incidentally, my orchestral piece Unfolding is one of the “Listen” posts, but there are other examples of work by students both current and graduated that make me proud of having gone there!


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After 8 months of preparation, my new cantata, With Stars and Shells, Rest in Peace, will premiere in Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall at UC Santa Barbara on May 23. The piece, which calls for string orchestra, choir, and tenor, is dedicated to all who have suffered in Iraq. I am grateful to the writers who gave me permission to set their words to music. The movements of the cantata are:

I. War Words- Ron Antonucci

II. Rain on a Battlefield- Yehuda Amichai (trans. Assia Guttman)

III. Clockwork- Sgt. Zach Scott-Singley

IV. The Missing- Gerard Van der Leun

V. Letter Home- Army Pfc. Jesse Pivens

VI. What If- Anonymous

VII. Requiescat in Pace

The program also includes two other world premieres: Katherine Saxon’s oratorio, The Return of Silence, and Tim Beutler’s Road to Emmaus. The concert will feature some wonderful musicians as well:

Jerry Hui, guest conductor
Temmo Korisheli, tenor
Christine Hollinger, soprano
Katherine Saxon and Claire Danielson, sopranos
Blythe Tai, alto

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Inaugural Post

Welcome to my humble cubby hole in cyberspace!

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